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Zion Partnerships - Baileys Garage

16 September, 2020

Contract Period: 6 weeks


Baileys Garage is situated in Maidens Green, Winkfield, Berkshire and has been there for over 100 years as a cottage, garage, petrol station and more recently for car sales. The site needed to be cleared in preparation for a new residential development. 


A full site investigation was carried out to determine the extent and areas of contamination so they could be removed prior to the start of the demolition process. Hydrocarbons were removed across the site and material generated was cleared to approved landfill sites. Once cleared, the holes were validated and backfilled with imported clean inert material to allow the buildings to be demolished and cleared. 

A total of nine fuel tanks were found, all of these had to be removed, pumped out, cleaned and sent on for further recycling. On completion, the site was handed back clean and clear for construction. 


Careful planning and liaison with local residents allowed the demolition to be carried out in the safest way possible. We kept everyone informed on a regular basis of the work taking place and how we were going to manage the site clearance, whilst minimising the impact to the environment and disruption to this peaceful area. We carried out the work on time and within budget. 


In all, we recycled 96.5% of all the material generated from the works, leaving the site clear and tidy for the construction phase. 

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