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Asbestos Removal

We provide a full demolition solution for you and are able to handle and manage the process from the initial pre demolition identification survey to the safe removal and disposal of your asbestos.

The asbestos identification survey is a destructive process and results in knocking holes in walls, taking up floorboards and pulling down ceilings. It is imperative that we check for any potential risks to workers or the public from asbestos.

Once the asbestos inspection has taken place, we will provide you with a detailed quote for removing the asbestos, along with details of how long this will take and how it will affect the project.

All of our asbestos removal team are fully qualified, trained and kept up to date with the latest legislation regarding the handling of asbestos.

We are a licensed asbestos carrier and dispose of all hazardous material through our material handling facilities in Ascot and Aldershot.

We pride ourselves on giving you an exceptional service, but most importantly a guaranteed safe and clean working environment.

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