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We produce and supply a range of aggregates such as crushed concrete, road planings and crushed brick. All of our products are made at our recycling facility in Ascot.

We produce these by sorting and crushing all of the concrete and hardcore taken from our demolition jobs and re-using and recycling into top quality aggregate products.

We can supply the aggregates by our tipper lorries or skip loads. 


Type1 Crushed Concrete

Type 1 Crushed Concrete

Our Type 1 Crushed Concrete is suitable for a variety of uses such as making up rough tracks and filling potholes.

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Crushed Concrete with Fines

Suitable for a variety of uses such as making hard-standing or bases.

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Crushed Concrete – No Fines

Suitable for a variety of uses such as filling drainage ditches.

Road planings

Road Planings

Suitable for a variety of uses including filling potholes, creating driveways and hard-standing. Road Planings are produced from reclaimed tarmac from roads and driveways which are crushed to uniform size.


6F5 Crushed Brick

Suitable for a variety of uses including bases for roads, hard standings and site compounds. 6F5 Crushed Brick is produced from bricks collected from demolished walls which is then crushed to between 10 and 75mm. It will contain fines.

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Reject Sand

Also known as As-Dug Sand’ is a non-certified material commonly sourced from various large excavation sites (colour will vary). It’s a cost effective material ideal for pipe coverage and other underground hazards. 

Once you’ve decided what product you want, call us on 0800 40 80 400 to arrange delivery and payment.

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