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Food Waste

In the UK, we throw away a hideous amount of food each year:

1.6 million tonnes from retailers
3 million tonnes from restaurants
4.1 million tonnes from food manufacturers

Businesses and schools can generate a huge amount of food waste each day. Usually, food waste is put in the general waste bin and sent to landfill however, we can provide dedicated food waste bins that we will collect and recycle into two very worthy products – agricultural compost and renewable energy.

The food waste is collected and sent on to a local plant for Anaerobic Digestion – a biological treatment process which produces bio gas and other bi-products. Each year the Anaerobic Digestion facility recycles 50,000 tonnes of food waste – enough to fill 20 Olympic sized swimming pools!

We offer our dedicated Food Waste collection service for businesses throughout Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire – making the change is easy and our collections operate in the same way as our other trade waste collections.

1. Choose collection frequency
2. Pick wheelie bin size (240 litre)

A wheelie bin will be provided that is clearly dedicated to food waste. Food can be placed in bags or as loose waste.

We take care of the rest.

Did you know land-filled food emits methane, a potent greenhouse gas? If we all stopped wasting food, the benefit to the planet would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 4 cars off the road.”

Supporting you with in-house promotion

We can supply you with various posters, promoting food waste recycling and a poster of what can and can’t go in your food recycling bin. If you require additional support, please let us know and we will endeavour to help where we can.

Wheelie Bin Option & Frequency

240 Litre Bin

H: 1m
L: 0.72m
W: 0.58m

Approx. 3 bin bags

We offer a weekly or fortnightly collection on your waste bins.

We understand that it can be difficult to measure how much waste you are disposing of, therefore we are more than happy to carry out an audit of your waste over a two week period and make a recommendation for you.

Our wheelie bins are

  • Lightweight for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Bins have drainage plugs for easy cleaning.
  • Clearly labelled to show what items can go in them.
  • Brakes ensure secure positioning.
  • Keys are provided to lock containers for safety and security

Additional bin options

  • Internal paper recycling containers to suit your office environment.
  • Food caddy - Optional small bin to be used in kitchens as part of our food recycling collection service.