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Preparing for your skip

Whilst placing an order for your skip may be an easy process, we want to ensure your skip delivery goes as smoothly as possible too and that you don’t encounter any obstacles and unexpected charges along the way. A few things to consider when ordering your skip are location, property access, vehicle size and overhead hazards. We’ve outlined some simple steps so that your skip hire process is easy and trouble-free.

Vehicle Sizes

We have a wide variety of skip and vehicle sizes available for you and what turns up at your property is entirely dependent on the amount of waste you need to remove therefore, it is best to understand the sizes of each skip container and lorry to ensure that it will fit on your driveway or street. If you are aware of restrictions in your street, it is advised to ask our team what type of vehicle will be arriving so we can plan for any obstacles ahead of time. Failing to do so can lead to delays and inconveniences to other residents. If you do not think any of our lorries will fit, please do let us know so we can find a solution for you.

Skip Lorry

Vehicle size skip lorry

Tipper and Grab lorries

Vehicle size hook tipper grab

Overhead Hazards

Due to the size and height of our vehicles, we often come into overhead hazard situations such as phone wires or trees.

Overhead hazards

Phone Wires

Overhead cables are an extremely dangerous hazard for our vehicles. Most of the time they are well out of our way but please be conscious of this when booking your skip. We will always find an alternative route if there are low hanging cables nearby.


Whether trees are on your property or not, they can sometimes block access for our vehicles. If you are aware of any overhanging trees, please let our team know before a lorry arrives with you.


We want to provide a stress-free and successful skip delivery and having full access to your property is essential for this to happen. There are several factors that need to be considered when ordering your skip.

Access road size

Road Size

As all roads vary in size, you will need to factor in the width of the road when ordering your skip and ensure our skip lorry can easily access your property. If you have any concerns, we can make alternative arrangements.

Parked Cars & Manoeuvrability

Parked cars on one or both sides of the road can often cause difficulty to our skip lorries if the access is tight and restricted. Please ensure there is plenty of space for our skip lorry to manoeuvre and deliver safely to you. Cul-de-sacs or no through roads can also lead to potential problems if we are not aware of the situation. We need to manoeuvre in and out of the road safely and reduce blocking any other vehicles if possible. As long as we are made aware of the situation, we can deliver your skip quickly and avoid causing problems with any other residents in the process.

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If your property has gated access, please ensure our drivers can gain access when delivering or collecting the skip. You will also need to double check that the width of the gate is big enough for the vehicle to pass through.

Access height restriction crop

Height Restriction Bars or Bridges

Our vehicles are taller than standard cars and sometimes when we deliver on site, we come across height restriction bars leading to premises. If you know of any height restriction bars in place, do let us know so we can make alternate arrangements and discuss other options with you.

Driveways, Manhole and Sewers

The last thing we want is to cause any damage to your property or land, therefore, do make us aware of anything you’d like our drivers to look out for when delivering your skip.

It is vital that we are notified of manholes, sewer entry points or any potential weak areas that could be damaged by our heavy vehicles. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to these areas when on a customer’s property so please raise any concerns with our team and we will do our very best to work around it.

Do you share a driveway with a neighbour? If so, it is best to inform your neighbour of your upcoming skip delivery so there are no disputes or issues at the time of delivery.

If you do not have a driveway and require the skip on the road, let us know so we can arrange a permit for you in advance.

Unsuitable Waste

Unsuitable waste crop

We do allow most items in our skips but unfortunately there are several unsuitable and hazardous items that cannot go in your skip that we need to be informed of as they require a special collection.

These items range from asbestos, chemicals, tyres, batteries and electronics. We are also unable to accept mattresses in your skip without prior warning. We are able to take them but please do let us know in advance as they require an extra charge of £20 +VAT.

If you are unsure if something can go in the skip, please talk to our team and we will happily advise whether you can dispose of the waste in your skip.

Book a collection date

Book a collection calendar

Our skips are booked on a one week hire and will be collected on the 8th day, unless otherwise stated. We advise that you pick a collection date when booking if possible.