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Meedhurst Project Management - Unigate Buildings

16 September, 2020

Contract Period: 12 weeks


The former Unigate dairy buildings are situated in White City, originally one of the largest milk dairy productions in London. It had sat derelict for a number of years and was more recently used as individual units for car repairs, scaffolding and even a nightclub. The demolition had to take place without disrupting other projects across the entire site, with all incoming plant, equipment and haulage having to be booked in with imperial college prior to arriving at the site. 


The site entrance was situated over a weight restricted bridge meaning the heaviest machine we could use was 35 tonne. This had to be tracked across the bridge at an agreed time ensuring we did not obstruct or delay other site deliveries. Once on site we had to avoid all the live services running below ground in ducts and voids, this had to be mapped out by a specialist company employed directly by Shorts and managed by our site management team. Noise, dust and vibration monitoring equipment was used in various locations to assist during the works as the demolition was carried out near sensitive laboratories and the London underground. Pre and post structural surveys were carried out on the existing infrastructure. 


Careful planning and liaison with all the other parties involved allowed the demolition and site clearance to be carried out in a professional and controlled manner at all times. Our presentation highlighted the key points in the project and we showed the critical section of works that had to be carried out during the weekend in order to minimise the disruption. We managed to complete the work on schedule, without incident, whilst keeping the site operational. 


In all we recycled 98.5% of all the material generated from the works, leaving the site clear and tidy for the construction phase.

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