Day and Johnson 2

Day and Johnson - Wycliffe Centre

08 September, 2020

Contract Period: 14 weeks


The Wycliffe centre was shut in 2018 but had been used for religious seminars and other social gatherings right up until closure. The site itself had been used for a wide range of purposes over the years, even during WW2, and played a big part in housing women and children that were fleeing from London. The site needed to be completely demolished to make way for a brand new retirement village.

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Shorts were awarded this job after a competitive tender process and tasked to clear all the asbestos from the buildings, assist with the ecology across the site and install over 20 different types of bat and bird boxes in various locations. The demolition of all the timber frame units, brick and block and more modern steel frame buildings were taken down using our modern fleet of plant and equipment. All the waste generated was segregated out into different waste streams for recycling, this site recovered 95% of all the material generated.

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The site had a large number of bats spread out across fifteen of the buildings, each one had to be carefully stripped back by hand with the ecologist in attendance to clear each building. We also had a live pumping chamber at the rear of the site that had to be kept running throughout the project so sewage could be managed efficiently in the local area


Our works were carried out in a professional manor and the site handed back on time and ready for the construction phase to commence.