LVS Ascot School Recycling Facilities Visit at Shorts

14 March, 2022

LVS Ascot School Recycling Facilities Visit at Shorts

On Wednesday 9th March, Shorts Trade Waste Team was very delighted to welcome 10 students from LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School today at our Recycling Facilities near Ascot to look at what we do with the recyclable waste. Mrs Cluett, Mrs Hudman and Miss Edge brought their Reception Class students to learn about recycling on this sunny morning.

LVS Ascot has been educating boys and girls since 1803. It is a non-selective, co-ed school offering day and boarding for children aged 4 – 18.

Our team started the tour by showing a video about how compost is produced so the students had a brief idea of what they were going to see. When it was finished the group put on the tailored made high visibility jackets and they were ready to hit the ground running!

Our Baler Operative Artur demonstrated how cardboard and paper are graded and baled. One of the students was excited to see how paper is squashed into square and said it looked like chocolate. 

The students were happy to learn about over 93.8% of the waste collected is converted to reusable materials and some of them will be turned into products again. They are very much aware of the environment and how important it is that we learn to protect it through recycling. They were able to see how bin is collected by a RCV (Refuse Collection Vehicle) and even had a chance to hop on the driver’s seat and try driving this enormous vehicle. Everyone was so excited!

They looked at lots of interesting machine such as a digger and a telehandler. The students had a very close look of our 10mm compost at the compost yard. Our Reward’ Compost is suitable for general landscape works and excellent for planting some flowers too. Everyone was happy as they got to take a bag of our compost home.

An hour and a half passed quickly, the students resembled back in the meeting room. They washed their hands and lined up as Mrs Cluett instructed. Everyone was very well-behaved. And watch out they are all recycling heroes now. We are so proud of them.

Thank you to Mrs Cluett, Mrs Hudman and Miss Edge for coming with us. We gave a bag of our Reward Compost to the school as our gratitude for their support to the work we do. We are always working towards achieving a zero to landfill target and the ways in which we can create a more sustainable environment.

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