Happy Valentines Day Recycling

14 February, 2022

Happy Valentines Day! We wanted to share our love for recycling and how important it is everyday but espcially today.

Remember to check if your lovely treats this Valentines can be recycled before heading to the bin.

Recycle/​Make your own cards 

Around 25 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent in the UK every year, equivalent to more than 8,000 trees. So, this year why not look out for cards that are made from recycled materials and that recyclable and glitter-free (glitter can’t be recycled). You could also make your own Valentines Card by using recycled paper and recycled materials from your household! 


If you want a night in this valentine (as it is a Monday after all) remember that plastic food containers can’t go in your recycling bin but in your general waste bin. Here at Shorts, we like to reuse them as they are great for storage containers or perfect to use for lunches! 

Pizza boxes and foil trays also can’t be recycled either, so these also go in the general waste bin. Even if the pizza box says its recyclable that if it is clean from grease (which is unlikely to be). 


If you are looking for gifts for your Valentine, why not choose a fabulous, recycled gift. You can find thousands of products that will be perfect for your one true love, all made from recycled materials! But please remember to check your gifts to see if they go in the recycling bin or general waste bin. 


Flowers can’t be recycled. You could compost them if you have a back garden compost pile, or they could be cut into small pieces and sprinkled in your garden to feed the soil. You could also re-purpose them by drying them or pressing them as a decorative addition to your home. 

Let us know of any of your ideas on how you are being economically friendly this Valentine’s Day.

Love your bin this Valentine’s Day <3

Valentines Day 2022