A Customer Experience - John Padwick Landscaping

03 December, 2019

John Padwick has been a valued and loyal customer of Shorts for many years now and his connection with Shorts began when he was just a little boy. His father was a builder and one summer when John was just 10 years old, his Dad bought an old mixer home and told John it was his job to clean and paint it and make sure it was ready. John explains how he remembers cycling down to the Shorts Transfer Station and kindly asking David Short if he could have a couple of Shorts stickers to apply to his mixer. John, who is now 57 years old, continues to support the Shorts family business and services for his own landscaping business.

John Padwick Landscaping has been working on a big job for St Georges School in Ascot and have bought Shorts in to supply over 200 tons of our quality BS 3882 Certified Topsoil, hiring in a 6 and 3 ton excavator and 3 ton dumper to assist on this project.

St Georges School have been undergoing work to complete a brand new swimming pool and have requested the grassland area directly outside to be reseeded, using specifically only the BS 3882 Certified Topsoil. John is also creating a Wildflower Meadow and again has used our BS 3882 Certified Topsoil.

It was great to catch up with John and hear about his experiences with Shorts over the years. We can’t wait to see the finished results at St Georges School and look forward to working together again soon. Thank you for your continued support to Shorts.

I have used Shorts Group for Topsoil and Plant Hire for the last 32 years on numerous projects. Shorts have always put the customer (me) first and are always supremely helpful and attentive. On my latest project undertaking a large landscape project at St George’s School Ascot, Lee Spicer, Jason Southam and Rory Sines have been a great help and enabled my project to go to plan. We have spread over 200 tons of BS 3882 Certified Topsoil and hired in both a 6 ton and 3 ton excavator to supplement my own personal machine (originally Shorts supplied) plus a handy 3 ton dumper. Thank you Shorts Group for your services.” – John Padwick Landscaping

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