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What can you put in your skip?

Apr 29 in Waste management


The next few months will be the busiest periods for our skip hire service, therefore in order to maintain a smooth and efficient service, we thought it would be useful to provide a guide on what can and can’t go in your skip. Skips are the most convenient way to get rid of all your rubbish however, there are limitations as to what you can and can’t dispose of so we recommended you check before you book in your skip hire with us.

It can sometimes be unclear what you can put in your skip and we want to make sure that we can take your skip away as quickly as possible and completely hassle free. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to refuse to take a skips away if they contain materials or items that we cannot recycle.

Before you hire a skip, make sure your waste doesn’t contain any of the following:

  1. Asbestos – you should never mix asbestos with any other waste materials as it is hazardous and cannot be recycled.
  2. Paint – paints contain chemical components that are harmful so require specialist disposal strategies.
  3. Tyres – it is illegal to dispose of tyres, be it old or new.
  4. Gas Bottles – you will need to contact your gas cylinder provider for disposal. We cannot take them due to the hazardous material.
  5. Electrical Appliances – we cannot recycle home electrical appliances such as fridges, freezers, TVs, dishwashers etc. Please contact your local licensed electrical waste provider.
  6. Light Bulbs and Batteries – lightbulbs and batteries can contain hazardous materials that can be harmful to people and the environment.
  7. Plasterboard – contains high levels of sulphates and when this is disposed along with general waste, it can react to create hazardous chemicals.
  8. Food Waste – we have a separate food waste recycling service which is sorted at a separate facility to our generic waste recycling centre.

If you do have any of these items, we are more than happy to arrange a separate service to dispose of these.

We take all normal, general non-hazardous waste such as wood, cardboard, concrete, rubble and furniture. If you are unsure, you can always call our office and they’d be more than happy to answer any questions.

Contact us today to enquire about skip hire.