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What happens to your waste?


Recycling is a key part of almost all of the services we offer and forms the heart of Shorts Group business.

All of the waste we collect from skips, grabs & tippers is taken to our waste transfer stations at Ascot or Aldershot; depending on which site is closest.

Whether it’s fertiliser sacks from farms, bricks from a demolished building or cardboard boxes from a supermarket we pride ourselves in our ability to recycle and reuse as much of the waste we handle as possible. We work towards a ‘zero to landfill’ target and our recycling / reuse rates are consistently well over 80%.

Waste materials which cannot be recycled, with the exception of hazardous or contaminated waste, are sent for reprocessing into ‘refuse derived fuel’ (RDF) to be used by energy plants.

And, with increasing governmental, commercial and public pressure to recycle ever increasing types and amounts of waste, we are continually investing in new machinery and working with third parties to enable new ways of recycling the waste we handle.

We are fully licensed to handle asbestos and other hazardous waste materials so you can be confident that all of the waste we collect from you is processed in full compliance with the latest legislation.

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