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Quartz Heater ‘Red Rad’


Quartz Heater ‘Red Rad’

Quartz Heater ‘Red Rad’

Powerful, portable heater which provides instant heat. Especially useful for drying walls etc. Adjustable heat output. Note, the 110v will need a 32A supply. It is advisable not to run these heaters on an extension lead.

Power: 110v or 240v

Output: 1.5kW or 3kW

To hire this item, call your local branch (Ascot: 01344 299 318 or Milford: 01483 418 887). Alternatively, you can fill this enquiry form.

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Listed under Pumping, Heating and Drying


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Contact info

  01483 418 887

Milford Plant & Hire shop: Unit 1, Old Station Yard, Station Lane, Milford, Surrey. GU8 5AD

  01344 299 318

Ascot Plant & Hire shop: Station Works, Lyndhurst Road, Ascot, Berkshire. SL5 9ED