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Chainsaw – 350mm


Chainsaw – 350mm

Chainsaw – 350mm

Powerful, well-balanced and compact general-purpose chainsaw for cutting logs and property maintenance. Rates exclude safety kit.

Fuel Type: 2-Stroke Petrol


To hire this item, call your local branch (Ascot: 01344 299 318 or Milford: 01483 418 887). Alternatively, you can fill this enquiry form.

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Listed under Garden and Landscaping Woodworking


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Contact info

  01483 418 887

Milford Plant & Hire shop: Unit 1, Old Station Yard, Station Lane, Milford, Surrey. GU8 5AD

  01344 299 318

Ascot Plant & Hire shop: Station Works, Lyndhurst Road, Ascot, Berkshire. SL5 9ED