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Spring has sprung – get your garden ready

Mar 20 in Plant and tool hire & shops


It isn’t just your house that could do with a spring clean, your garden needs that attention too. We’ve said goodbye to the Winter months and it is now time to start sprucing up your garden, ready to enjoy during our very hopeful, glorious British Summer. Preparation is key so we’ve included our top tips on clearing up your garden and how a few of our handy tools (all available to hire) will make this project a lot easier and stress free.

Clear up flower beds and borders
Have a general tidy up and remove leaves, debris, and rubbish from all flowers beds, lawn, and patio areas. If you have a large area to clean up, you might want to use our Handheld Leafblower/Vacuum (Hire costs start from just £13.20) which will enable you to blow fallen leaves, cut grass and trimmings into a heap. With a quick adaptation to convert to a shredder. It will then vacuum up and simultaneously shred, reducing to less than 105 of the original volume.

If you have a large amount of wood and shrubs and the handheld vacuum just won’t cut it, then we would recommend using our Shredder (Hire costs start from £55.00) which is a highly powerful machine which uses razor sharp blades to cut through the waste. The biggest benefit here is that it creates a pulp which is fantastic for use in composting.

Refresh your lawn
Your lawn has probably been neglected the last few months with the cold bitterly cold winter and the unexpected snow fall so now is the perfect time of year to start giving the grass the attention it needs.

The first stage of caring for your lawn is raking, this means removing thatch and moss from the grass. Spring is the perfect time to scarify your lawn as the ground is not too soft but not affected by any dry weather. You can then look for areas that need reseeding.

Benefits of scarifying your lawn:

–          Allows air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass

–          Discourages weeds and moss

To make the job easier for you, we have a Lawn Scarifier (Hire costs from just £38), this is a process that you’ll definitely want to do to maintain the lawn that your neighbours envy.

Remember, you’ll need to mow your lawn before scarifying in order for this process to work. It may not look pretty at first but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.


Soil and prepare new flower beds
Spring is a great time of year to feed the plants and soil across your garden. The soil in your garden is probably quite tough now and will benefit from being turned over to allow air to the soil and help it prepare for bedding of new plants. We have a product that is great for turning over smaller areas and perfect for domestic landscaping jobs. Our Rotavator hire cost starts from just £22.

Rubbish Removal
If you have a huge amount of rubbish and waste build up, it might be worth hiring a skip so you can dispose of it all in one go. You may even want to clear out the shed whilst you’re at it and get the most for your money. Our 4 cubic yard skips are perfect for a small garden project.

Taking the time to spring clean your garden this time of year really does pay off and you’ll be pleased you did it in a few months when summer starts to creep in and you’re sipping on your favourite chilled beverage.

Get the ball rolling and contact us today for more information on our Plant and Tool Hire services.