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Shorts go Paper-less

Nov 23 in Company, Waste management, Plant and tool hire & shops


After the successful role out of a paper-less system within our waste management division in April 2017, Shorts have now implemented a paper-less system within our Plant Hire division.

Going paper-less is a huge milestone for Shorts Group. A company with an ethos for recycling and sustainable operations, using copious amounts of paper and ink was pretty hard to bare. However, we’ve now turned a corner and are well on our way to becoming a paper-less company.

In plant hire alone, we will be reducing our paper usage by over 20,000 per year.

The new Syrinx Paper-less system which is an `addition’ to our existing plant hire based package from Syrinx, eliminates the need to print out paperwork for every hire contract or sale. Originally, the customer would get paperwork for both delivery and collections and we would also retain copies for our records. Now, the customer receives email versions at the point of delivery and collection, sent from a tablet – as do we.

Shorts are now working towards further paper reductions by converting customers onto e-invoices, as opposed to posting invoices and statements.

Not only are Shorts seeing a massive reduction in paper usage, but we’re also seeing huge efficiency improvements when it comes to scheduling our day to day hires – with the help of our new tablets.
Reduced time on paper document management allows Shorts to concentrate on adding value to what really matters to our customers – which is efficient service and timely communications. Having integrated systems with information available to hand in ‘real-time’ means that we consistently deliver on our promise to customers.

Customer feedback, so far has been positive towards this transition. We thank our customers for joining us on our paper-less journey.