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Oversized wood get the Shorts treatment

Aug 25 in Waste management, Agriculture


Have you ever wondered what does happen to all those roots and some of the oversized wood that gets sent into Planners Farm in skips and lorries?

Over the weeks, huge quantities can quickly accumulate becoming quite a mountain which obviously needs tackling before it becomes both unmanageable and possibly unsafe – come forward the joint resources of the Shorts Group!

On Saturday August 20th, the wood shredding machine and a 360 degree excavator that are usually operated by Shorts Recycling at St. Georges Lane were temporarily relocated to Planners Farm. The roots and wood were loaded into the shredder using the excavator, which was operated on this occasion by one of the operatives from Shorts Demolition. The shredded materials were then loaded into a tractor and trailer using a handling machine, both supplied and operated by Shorts Agricultural out of Jade Farm. The shredded materials were then transported to a convenient location at Planners Farm and stockpiled ready for further processing in due course.

A really slick and smooth Shorts intercompany team effort indeed !