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The Old School Café Gets A Taste For Recycling

Mar 22 in Company, Commercial trade waste


The Old School Cafe in Chertsey has two things in common with Shorts Group. They are celebrating a big business anniversary and they too are passionate about recycling.

On our one year anniversary of working with The Old School Cafe, Shorts Waste Manager, Russell Hughes visited the little gem of a cafe, located in the heart of Longcross, to meet with owner Miep Mienes to discuss all things recycling.

For the last year, Shorts Group has been providing a trade waste collection service, which includes collecting their general waste, clean recyclables and food waste. Russell wanted to find out more about this thriving cafe, it’s heritage and more importantly, the reason behind Miep’s passion for recycling.

Miep explained “The Old School Cafe is suitabley named after being a village school, built in the 1830s. The school was later turned into cottages and I moved in to one of the cottages with my family. Sadly, when I was a baby, in 1956, a fire broke out, and the property was damaged. My father later bought all the cottages and turned them into our family business, which included a commercial/domestic windscreen and tinting business and a cafe.

“Since my father’s passing,  my sister, brother and I took over the family business and we are now celebrating our 40th year in business.”

Although the cafe does serve up fantastic home-made food and collect a lot of empty plates, they do inevitably have some food waste. Miep jumped at the chance of recycling the cafes food waste and was delighted to hear where her food waste goes and what it becomes, as Russell explained.

“Your food waste is taken to a local composting and anaerobic digestion plant, where it’s converted in renewable energy or a fertiliser. The plant is literally a five minute drive from here.”

A lot of businesses still put their food waste in their general waste bin and that’s detrimental to the environment. Land-filled food produces a methane – potent a greenhouse gas. For this reason, the government is annually increasing the landfill tax to encourage people to recycle their food waste.”

Miep will soon get to see where her food waste goes during a visit to the anaerobic digestion plant alongside other Shorts customers who too are passionate about recycling.

If you want to know more about our Trade Waste Collection Services, visit:

If you fancy a good breakfast, call into The Old School Café, on Longcross Road, Longcross, Chertsey. KT16 0DP.