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We’re now serving Foresters

Sep 17 in Commercial trade waste


Shorts in conjunction with their waste-broker partners, 1st Waste have secured the waste management contract for newly remodelled ‘Royal Foresters’ pub in Ascot.

Ascot recently saw the long-awaited re-opening of the ‘Royal Foresters’ pub. Following an estimated £10m expenditure, the pub represents the largest, prestigious new pub opening in the Ascot area in years. Oakman Inns announced their purchase of the old site & their intentions to restore the premises (closed in April 2015) shortly before Christmas 2016.

Shorts are delighted to be working with 1st Waste and Royal Foresters. Keeping our trade waster services in the local area, we’ve introduced a general waste service alongside a full range of recycling services covering packaging (cardboard, paper, plastics & cans), glass & food.