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Work Experience Placement 2019

Feb 04 in Company


Shorts Group are passionate about helping young students and supporting their career choices, giving them the opportunity to understand the industry and allow them to get an insight into the big wide world of employment.

We recently had a lovely young lad called Jack join us for the duration of his work experience week, we were delighted to have such an enthusiastic student who was incredibly motivated and keen to get stuck in.

Jack settled in really well and was keen to learn more and more each day. We love having students with us that have the drive and motivation that he brought to the team.

Jack commented on his experience:

I have enjoyed it all, especially the welding and fabrication. I now definitely know this is what I want to do, so have a target to work towards when studying at school. I found it really enjoyable and have learnt a lot. It was great meeting people and the work is really hands-on

We are really excited to have Jack join us on a permanent basis this Summer as he begins his Apprenticeship with Shorts Group.