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New In: Cordless Garden Tools

Apr 26 in Company, Plant and tool hire & shops


Stihl COMPACT Cordless System

This range of cordless garden tools is a huge game-changer to gardeners and landscapers as these tools are much quieter, lighter and more environmentally friendly than their petrol counterparts. They are also very simple to use – slot the battery in and press the trigger – no messing around with chokes, tugging on pull cords or dealing with flooded engines. The low noise will increase your productivity as you are now free to work around offices and business units, without disturbing staff, at any hour of the day (or night)!

The range we stock includes:.
• COMPACT cordless chainsaw – Perfect for cutting small logs and pruning. Well-balanced machine for comfort and ease of use.
• COMPACT cordless grass trimmer – Lightweight, ideal for trimming and edging lawns.
• COMPACT cordless hedgetrimmer – This lightweight machine is perfect for trimming hedges or pruning shrubs.
• COMPACT cordless blower – Amazing power from this cordless blower makes light work of clearing leaves, twigs and debris.
• Stihl’s VIKING cordless mower – Again Stihl technology and powered by the same COMPACT batteries. Mowing becomes a pleasure with no cable to avoid no noisy petrol engine.

For more information please contact Milford Plant Depot on 01483 418 887