Shorts Group / Company / LVS Students see what happens to their waste, as part of Science Week

LVS Students see what happens to their waste, as part of Science Week

Apr 05 in Company, Commercial trade waste


We have been partnering LVS School of Ascot, to inspire students to think about the environment – with particular focus on the impact of plastic pollution & thereby the importance of recycling.

As part of LVS School’s Science Week, students were given a grand tour of Oakleaf, a £22million recycling facility close to Heathrow.

LVS School is a long-standing, valued customer of ours, using our waste management services, including Trade Waste Collections & compaction to process their waste.

Students were wowed by the impressive different conveyor belts for segregation of different waste – depending on size, material and weight. Oakleaf use a range of processing techniques including sorting and shredding and the resulting products are used to generate energy, helping the country to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

Dan Kingsley, General Manager of Oakleaf led the student tour accompanied by Shorts Group’s Trade Waste Commercial Manager, Tom Cobley.
“It was flattering to be invited to be part of LVS Science Week and to have the opportunity to show the students what happens to typical waste created by the school.  The tour of Oakleaf gave them verification that residual waste can be recycled, which historically would be sent to landfill.”