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What happens to the waste we collect

Sep 07 in Company, Waste management


Shorts Group collect all kinds of waste from customers through our demolition, skip and trade waste divisions. We are a licensed waste carrier which means all the waste that we collect is taken care of legally and environmentally. We aim to recycle 100% of the waste we collect through our Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs) in Aldershot and Ascot.

Our MRFs are where we segregate all the waste that we collect.
For instance, a full skip is returned from a customer and we tip it into the yard of our MRF. Our team with the use of a digger sifts through the waste and segregates it.

All the recyclables are taken to one side, such as cardboard, glass, plastics, wood, green waste, aggregates.
All the remaining waste is fed through to our picking station, where the waste that couldn’t be segregated by the digger, is segregated by hand.

All recyclables are stockpiled until we have enough for it to be processed, either in house or by third party companies.

Glass and bottles are collected by a third party. These materials will be turned back into their original state or made into other products.

Green Waste and wood is taken to our site at Planners Farm, where our team turn it into compost – which we sell to customers.

Cardboard/ plastics are taken to another site, where it is made into bales ready for selling onto third parties.

Residual waste previously went to landfill. But Shorts have found an outlet for our residual waste. We are working in partnership with two waste firms which turn our waste into RDF refuse derived fuel.

Food Waste collected via our Trade Waste Service is taken directly to Agrivert where it is turned into renewable energy and a nutrient rich fertiliser used by farmers.


Recycling is at the heart of everything we do. We endeavour to do the best by our customers and their waste we collect.