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Great staff are the making of a great company

Jul 31 in Company, Waste management


Without a great team, Shorts Group would not be here today. We know it’s our workforce that provide our customers with great service and for that reason we like to recognise the staff that go above and beyond, through our STAR awards.

Each month, staff are nominated for doing something great by their colleagues. This month’s winner was Phil Shaw (also known as Chaz) our transport coordinator at our Aldershot Material Recycling Facility.

Phil received four nominations, which is the highest number of nominations yet!

Chaz stepped up to the mark and collected a skip, late in the day – on the evening of England’s World Cup Semi-Final football match. The customer may have incurred penalty fines if we’d not collected the skip that day. Chez collected the skip from a site in Reading – keeping the customer very happy! Well done Chez.