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Food waste collections for the pub on the roundabout

Jun 12 in Company, Commercial trade waste


Shepherd and Flock, known to many as the pub on the roundabout is an award winning restaurant in Farnham.
Landlord/ owner and environment enthusiast, Thomas has just added food recycling collections to his current general and recycling service offered by Shorts.

Thomas explains why he jumped at the chance of recycling his food waste.

“We all have a level of social responsibility. Having studied Environmental Science at college, doing my bit for the planet is so important.”
When Tony your Shorts sales representative explained the process of recycling food and the benefits, I was instantly sold. Although, I never thought it would be as easy as it has been to implement. I thought it would cost a lot more to do and the biggest hurdle would be implementing a process in the kitchen to ensure food waste is segregated from general waste. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. My general waste has more than halved and my team have welcomed the change in the kitchen. I will in time, reduce the size of my general waste bin too.”

Food waste collected by Shorts Group is taken to a local anaerobic digestion plant where it’s turned into agricultural compost and renewable energy. To read more about our food waste: