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Reclamation, Salvage and Recycling


Just because a building is being demolished does not mean that its materials should go to waste. We pride ourselves on our recycling and reclamation rates which consistently show that as little waste as possible is sent to landfill. In many cases this means that between 80 – 100% of waste is recycled and reused.

Where salvageable material exists, such as bricks and tiles, careful, considered demolition means you can reuse the materials if required on site, if not we will take them off your hands and reduce your costs accordingly.

Other materials from your site, with the exception of any hazardous materials, will be recycled. Wood is generally chipped and used to create energy. Hardcore and concrete is crushed and screened to varying specifications for re-use and soil is screened and used in ground works or landscaping.

For a discussion about salvaging materials or recycling on your project, please contact us.

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