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Asbestos Removal


Legislation introduced in 2006 states that before you start any demolition project you are required by law to have a Pre Demolition Refurbishment Survey conducted before work commences in order to identify the presence of any asbestos in the building.

This is a destructive survey which means knocking holes in walls, taking up floorboards and pulling down ceilings, and is to check for any potential risks to workers or the public from asbestos.

It is a good idea to make sure the Pre Demolition Refurbishment Survey is carried out as soon as possible, although not while in occupation, so that you can avoid any complications which may delay the project.

We can complete these surveys for you and quote for removing any asbestos identified, along with details of how long it will take and how it will affect the project.

All of our asbestos removal team are fully qualified, trained and kept up to date with the latest legislation regarding the handling of asbestos.

Shorts Group is a licensed asbestos carrier and we dispose of all hazardous material through our material handling facilities in Ascot and Aldershot.


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