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What composting services do we do offer?

Shorts Composting  provides a complete green waste service, from collection to processing green waste into compost for reuse.

We sort green waste before processing it and carefully managing it to become high quality organic, PAS 100 and Compost Quality Protocol (CQP) compliant, compost. Re-processing green waste reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.

We can help you in any stage of the process –

  1. Collecting your green waste
  2. Receiving your green waste at our site in Ascot and Warfield.
  3. Providing you with compost.
  4. We are also experienced in providing a complete and partial green waste service to local authorities.

The compost journey

Garden waste still needlessly takes up a lot of landfill space, where it does not decompose as efficiently as in properly managed compost sites like ours.

From the moment green waste arrives at our site just outside Ascot, it enters a process ensuring as much of it as possible is transformed into our compost and soil products for re-use. If the waste is 100% green, i.e. doesn’t contain plant pots, plastic bags or other non-compostable waste, all of it can be re-used with nothing going to landfill. We can even process large tree stumps as the timber is either ground down to produce mulch or chopped and sold as logs.

The whole process takes 13 weeks and is carefully regulated to ensure a quality end product which meets strict regulatory standards.

What products do we sell?

We sell compost which is PAS 100 and CQP (Compost Quality Protocol) compliant. This means it is managed to ensure it reaches high temperatures to eradicate weeds and that the correct levels of moisture are retained. The product will always be consistent, traceable, standardised and safe.

Our certified compost is available as a 10mm soil conditioner, 20mm mulch or as a 10mm divot mix where it is combined with sand on either a 50/50 or 70/30 ratio. To read more about our different composts, click here.

We are pleased to also offer our range of compost products via Mulberry Plants Ltd, a wholesale nursery in Hare Hatch, please see their website for details.

We also offer 10mm screened soil mixed with 10mm soil conditioner, 6mm lawn dressing and logs. To read more about our different soils, click here.

Products are subject to seasonal availability so we’d recommend contacting us to see what is currently available.


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