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Wheelie Bin Options & Frequency


Shorts offer the following wheelie bins options:

1100 wheelie bin1100 Litre Eurobin

H: 1.4m | L:1m | W: 1.26m

Capacity: about 12 bin bags

Our wheelie bins are:

  • Lightweight for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Bins have drainage plugs for easy cleaning.
  • Clearly labelled to show what items can go in them.
  • Brakes ensure secure positioning.
  • Keys are provided to lock containers for safety and security.





660 wheelie bins660 Litre Eurobin

H: 1.3m |L: 0.72m | W:1.26m

Capacity: about 8 bin bags.

small wheelie bin360 Litre Eurobin

H: 1m | L:0.72m | W: 0.86m

Capacity:  about 4 bin bags.

small wheelie bin240 Litre Eurobin

H: 1.m | L: 0.72m | W:0.58m

Capacity: about 3 bin bags.

(Usually the same size as your domestic bin at home).

Additional bin options:

 paper binsInternal paper recycling containers to suit your office environment.
caddyFood caddies

Optional small bin to be used in kitchens as part of our food recycling collection service.


We offer weekly or fortnightly collections.  If you’re unsure what size wheelie bin and frequency you need, we can carry out an assessment of your waste over a two week period and then make a recommendation to you.

Our sales team would be delighted to come and talk options with you – so if you’d prefer face-to-face contact with us, please just call us and either Tom Cobley or Wayne Hayden will come and see you at your convenience.