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What happens to your trade waste?


Recycling is a key part of almost all of the services we offer and forms the heart of Shorts Group business.

All of the recyclables we collect from your wheelie bins is taken to our waste transfer stations at Ascot or Aldershot; depending on which site is closest. We segregated into different recyclables such as cardboard, plastics, paper and glass and then we send it on to third party companies who then make them into new products.

When we collect your food waste, we take it to Agrivert – a local composting and anaerobic digestion plant. They turn food waste into a ‘digestatewhich is used to spread on farm land as a fertiliser or turned into electricity.

General Waste is sent for reprocessing into ‘refuse derived fuel’ (RDF) to be used by energy plants.

We work towards a zero to landfill’ target and our recycling / reuse rates are consistently well over 80%.

The chart attached, shows our full recycling process. recycling_process_chart