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Trade Waste Terms and Conditions


All operations carried out by Shorts Group Limited will be in full compliance with the Duty of Care (Section 34) of The Environmental Protection Act (1990).

The Company carries the status of Registered Waste Carrier for the purposes of the Act (Section 34 (3) D). It is necessary for the Customer to provide Shorts Group Limited with a description of the waste to be consigned for disposal. Any change of waste description must be notified in advance in order that appropriate Transfer Note documentation can be raised.

The customer may not place or cause to be placed in the container(s) any material other than that described in your contract.

The Customer shall not permit:- overloading by means of excessive weight or volume, sub-letting or removal of the containerdamage or the setting fire to the contents of the containerdefacing the containerthe container(s) being sited on a Public Highwaywithout prejudice to the foregoing the Customer shall take all reasonable care of the container(s) and the Customer will be responsible for any loss of damage (other than reasonable fair wear & tear) to containers while situated at the premises required by the Customer.

The Customer shall indemnify Shorts Group Limited in respect of all claims arising out of the fault of the Customer.The container(s) remain(s) the property of Shorts Group Limited & the Customer shall be responsible for providing adequate insurance cover for all & any container(s) supplied.This agreement is for the period indicated (‘Agreement Period’) and shall be renewed automatically for one year periods without further notice by the parties, but may be terminated at any anniversary of the commencement date by either party giving to the other 90 days written notice prior to the anniversary.

Should the Customer propose to cancel the agreement before the expressed anniversary date (including any successive periods referred to above) the Customer shall pay by way of “damages” to Shorts Group Limited a sum of money calculated to be the monthly loss of business income multiplied by the number of remaining months of the ‘Agreement Period’.

The prices are Nett and exclusive of VAT but are inclusive of Landfill Tax Levy. Shorts Group Limited reserve the right to increase their prices should they receive increases in charges beyond their control to their operating or administrative costs.

All payments due shall be paid within 30 days of the date marked on our invoice.

Shorts Group Limited reserve the right to suspend all service in the event of non-payment of invoices by the Customer.

The Customer will provide and maintain a suitable area at their premises for the siting of the container(s) and safe means of access and egress for the servicing of them.

The Customer shall be wholly responsible for the safety of all employees and agents of Shorts Group Limited entering the Customer’s premises for the purpose of servicing their container(s).

If our vehicle leaves the public highway at the request or instruction of the Customer in order to access the container(s) the driver of the vehicle shall be deemed to be under the control of the Customer and the Customer shall indemnify Shorts Group Limited in respect of any losses, costs, claims, damages or expenses Shorts Group Limited may sustain whether as a result of damage to the vehicle(s) themselves or the property of the Customer or of Third Parties.

The driver/operative of the vehicle may in their absolute discretion refuse (temporarily) to service a Customer’s premises if there is a reason that the proposed ‘working area’ is unsafe or likely to cause damage to the vehicle or property or both.

Shorts Group Limited shall endeavour to service the Customer’s requirements on the scheduled day but shall not be liable for late performance or delay in performance and they reserve the right to re-schedule the service to the earliest opportunity without prior notice to the Customer. Late performance or delay in service shall not entitle the Customer to rescind the Agreement.

Both parties agree that it is not always practical to issue transaction tickets or obtain signatures for services performed and therefore the Customer accepts the records kept by Shorts Group Limited of services provided as being adequate proof of service.

Recycling materials later deemed to be general waste due to contamination will be handled and charged as general waste.This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and prosecuted in an English Court of Law.

This agreement is subject to the full Terms & Conditions available on request from Shorts Group Limited.