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Food Waste Collections


Shorts offer a dedicated food waste collection service for businesses in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire.

Some businesses and schools can generate a great deal of food waste every day. Commonly, food waste is put in a general waste bin and sent to landfill.  The alternative, is to separate food waste from general waste by putting it in a dedicated food waste bin.

Shorts will collect your food waste and will turn it into two very worthy products – agricultural compost and renewable energy.


Making the Change is Easy

Our food waste collections operate in the same way as any other of our trade waste collections.

It’s so simple to set up: you choose collection frequency and container size and we will provide you with bin liners to help you keep your bin clean.

An external container (wheelie bin), clearly branded for food waste will be provided. Food can be placed in bio-degradable bags or as loose waste and then deposited in the external container ready for collection.

Why Recycle Your Food Waste?

The UK produces over 8 million tonnes of food waste every year. The majority of this ends up in landfill, where it is highly detrimental to the environment. Land-filled food can emit methane – a potent greenhouse gas that is 23 times more damaging to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. To reduce methane emissions, the EU Landfill Directive obliges local authorities to send less biodegradable waste to landfill.




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