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Grinding Machine Makeover

Sep 11 in Company, Waste management


The team at Planners Workshops have been putting their skills to the test on an 11 year old grinding machine and the results are outstanding.

Our Doppstadt AK430 horizontal Timber grinding machine from St Georges Transfer Station was nearing the end of its shelf-life until Dominik, Sam, Danny and Steve got to work on it.

Investment in a new grinding machine would have set us back well over £300,000 and when weighed up against replacements parts and staff time, the savings were £230,000 plus – so an easy decision to make.

However, the work involved in repairing this 11 year old machine was not an easy feat for the boys, especially when they had to fit in the repair work in-between carrying out their day-to-day duties.
Danny Gray, plant fitter for Shorts was first on the scene.
“We had to strip it down completely to see what needed replacing or fixing. Replacement parts had to come from Germany so we had to wait a while for the parts to arrive. This was frustrating because we were all really keen to get started.” Danny explains.

Sam Collins, a welder/sprayer for Shorts for the last 18 months has worked with Dominik (who has over 12 years of welding experience under his belt) have shot-blasted, re-sprayed and welded the machine to bring it back to its former glory. The entire mill and hammer assembly has been replaced. The side walls of the mill had worn so badly, the side plates needed re-fabricating in our workshops.

Thanks to the guys at Planners, in just 13 weeks’ this machine has been gone from nearing the scrap heap to standing proud like a brand new machine.

Danny serviced the machine recently and it passed with flying colours so its now back at St Georges this week, grinding wood for Slough Power Station.