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Baling: The Full Package

Aug 01 in Company, Waste management, Commercial trade waste


Our new baler is working full-time, thanks to Artur who is our new baling operative.

We met up with Artur Stec to see how he was getting on in his new role and to find out more about our baling capabilities.
We are now baling cardboard, plastics and PP builder bags in-house. All these products come from our material recycling facilities in Aldershot and Ascot, which have previously been collected from our customers.

Artur segregates the waste and then feeds it into our baler. The baler processes it, compacts it and the end products is a rather large bale.
The cardboard is sold and is either then exported to China/India to be recycled back into cardboard (as that is where the majority of manufacturing take place), or alternatively it goes to a Mill in the UK to be remade back into cardboard. One of our sources export to a Chinese company who are responsible for manufacturing cardboard for Nike & Amazon.
Recycled cardboard only takes 75% of the energy it takes to make new cardboard.
The PP builders bags we currently segregate into white and mixed colours, as the segregated whites have a stronger value. These are usually cleaned and de-contaminated before being shredded and granulated and then melted back into plastic pellets which then go off to be re-used into other products which include plastic broom bristles, bins, trays, car parts, battery cables etc.

As for the other plastics, we are looking more at baling LDPE & HDPE, LDPE is what milk bottles and plastic bags are made of. We currently collect bales of LDPE film from a customer in Slough, which we will re-bale, again separating the clear from the black and any other contamination. We have previously sent other plastics including wheelie bins and plastic pipe to a granulation company who then sell it on in granulated form, to allow it to be remade.

The plan going forward is now we have Artur on-board and baling full time, we can get all our cardboard baled and sold on a frequent basis, and then start looking at other material we can start pulling out and baling to be resold, potentially drinks bottles, drinks cans.