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Farm Services


Shorts have been providing agricultural contracting services since 1984. Our extensive experience and commitment to the professionalism of our services has led to our reputation for delivering quality farm services across the Home Counties.

In 2009, we were granted a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen as Agricultural Contractors for the work we undertake on The Queen’s local farms.

Listed below are the farming services we offer:

Forage Harvesting:

We run a forage harvest team and are able to harvest grass, wholecrop – using a disc header and maize silage.

We are able to chop to biomass standard and are able to harvest 100 acres plus per day. We have triple mowers and a 4 rotor rake to give maximum capacity to cut and forage in a timely manner. As well as harvesting your silage, we will transport it to your storage area – as plastic-wrapped bales, or piled, compressed and covered.

Slurry spreading:

Traditional slurry spreading methods such as surface broadcasting waste large amounts of nitrogen and other beneficial elements.

Placing slurry with a dribble bar at the base of the plant or injecting it using either a disc injector in grassland or an arable cultivator in stubble has a number of benefits which include:

  • Greatly reduced run-off
  • Fast response – visible improvement in a week
  • Minimal odours
  • Reduction in ammonia release
  • Minimal damage to foliage
  • Fast – our 20,000 litre tanker reduces trips for refills
  • Consistent application to allow equal growth across your fields
  • Less slurry covers a greater area

Grass, soil and crops can all be injected.


We have the versatility to drill cereals or grassland with either a power harrow combination drill or a 6 metre Vaderstad Rapid to suit your ground conditions and cultivation system.

For more information on the savings you can make using our drilling service, please contact us.

Maize drilling:

We have the very latest Vaderstad Tempo 8 row, maize drill to ensure that seed is drilled at the correct spacing and depth, that allows us to work at an efficient forward speed to be able to get the land drilled in a timely manner, we use GPS technology to ensure minimal overlap and reduce driver fatigue.

We can add standard or Micro Fertiliser as we drill if you wish.

Hay and haylage production:

We can offer a complete service to include cutting, tedding and baling then transporting and stacking the bales (large 80×70 or120x70), or we can help you with any single part of the process where you need assistance.

We advise not leaving it until the last minute before you contact us for hay making, as we are likely to be busy at peak times of the year. However, if you do find yourself in an emergency, we will do our very best to help.

Supply & spreading of Digestate fertiliser:

Digestate is a by-product of the anaerobic digestion process used to generate environmentally friendly energy.

This carbon-neutral, nutrient rich fertiliser is supplied and spread by Shorts to help to boost your crop yield.


Supply & spreading of lime:

We provide a complete lime supply and spreading service with a range of liming materials: screened chalk, ground limestone, ground magnesium limestone and Envirocal. We are also able to screen and spread your own lime supply.

We understand the importance of timely applications and aim to work around your schedule. With our bespoke service, tailored to meet your needs, we can apply lime and PK fertilisers at a flat or a variable rate, compatible with SOYL, Patwork Phildtek application data.

We are agents for Cropkare PK fertiliser for the South of England and the only UK agent to offer the full Cropkare service. We will store, transport and spread your fertiliser for you – working to your schedules and specifications, freeing your time to concentrate on other aspects of your farm. Ask our representative for further Cropkare details.


Rather than having to invest in expensive machinery that you only use for a short amount of time each year, contracting your baling and stacking to Shorts Agriculture can take on the task for you to save you time and money.

We provide the following baling services;

  • Baling, Wrapping and Stacking Bales
  • Bale and Wrap Haylage and Silage
  • Baling Hay and Straw

We run the following balers; 2 x 4 string 80 x 70 bales.

Muck spreading:

Our muck spreading service will free up your time and complete the job faster than if you do it yourself. The muck spreaders have a 16 cubic metre capacity.

We can also provide either a 14 ton digger or telehandler for loading if required.


As part of our cultivation service, we can provide:

  • 7 leg Shakerator for subsoiling
  • Ploughing service using a 5 furrow reversible plough
  • HEVA rolls with shatter board
  • 3 Metre power harrow
  • 6 metre spring tine cultivator with levelling boards
  • You may also be interested in our Min-Till service
  • We have a 4 metre Vaderstad Topdown cultivator


Regularly topping your grass pastures and paddocks is an important task. It encourages grass growth, and also prevents weeds from going to seed and multiplying, and keeps the grass at the ideal height for grazing – 5-7cm in most cases – to enable your stock to benefit as much as possible.

Our toppers mulch the grass, allowing it to rot down and help to compost the soil, as well as allowing horses to be returned to paddocks more quickly. We can top your pasture or paddocks regularly, or as a one-off or occasional job if you are unable to yourself for any reason.

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