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Digestate spreading

Shorts Agricultural Services work with an industry leader to supply a liquid bio-fertiliser called ‘digestate’ to local farmers.

The digestate’s valuable nutrients provide long term benefits to soil and reduce the need for artificial fertilisers. It’s produced to PAS110 and Quality Protocol standards.

Digestate benefits:

◾Provide an excellent source of NPK and S to replace chemical fertilisers.
◾Improve soil structure, drainage, water retention and aeration, providing a better rooting environment for plants.
◾Possess slow nutrient release qualities. The material continues to breakdown within the soil, reducing nitrogen and phosphate leaching.
◾Improve the workability of soils, especially heavy clay.
◾Improve water retention in light soils.
◾Enhance resistance to soil compaction and erosion.
◾Reduce the need for artificial fertilisers.

To find out more information about how it’s made, visit:

Land solutions for storing digestate

We can offer land solutions for storing digestate. The photograph below, is of a lagoon that we built on a farm in Reading.  If you’re a looking to store digestate, we have the experience and skills to construct lagoons and build the infrastructe for farmers.









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