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Tell us how we’re doing


Our customer promise

We will:

1. Be clear on how you can expect services to be delivered and by when.
2. Gather information on your needs to improve the way we deliver services.
3. Ensure our communications are as clear as they can be; ensuring forms and letters are easy to read.
4. Continuously keep your needs in mind when you ask us to provide you with a service.
5. Keep you informed of progress when you have asked us to do something.
6. Always be polite, helpful and courteous.

Our targets:
Answer the telephone within 5 rings.
Respond to email enquiries within 2 hours.
Call you back when we say we will.

Resolving issues, compliments & make a suggestion

We are committed to putting our customers first. However, if you are unhappy with any of our services, we encourage you tell us so we can do our best to put it right for you.

Please send us an email, with as much information about why you’re unhappy and we will endeavour to put it right.

Please fill in our form and we will respond accordingly within 24 hours of receiving it: Complaints Form

Compliments and suggestions

If you have a compliment or suggestion about any of our services, please let us know. We pride ourselves on providing services of the highest quality and it is encouraging to hear good news about our services. You can help shape our services by letting us know your thoughts. Please fill in our form to let us know your compliment or suggestion: Compliments and Suggestion Form