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ISO Accreditation Approved

Dec 04 in Company


Shorts Group welcomed an Assessor from CQS, to review our Management systems for Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety – also known as the ISO Accreditations.

This accreditation is vital for a company in our industry and fortunately, we didn’t fall short. We exceeded all expectations and achieved the next level: ISO 9001:2015. A massive achievement and a huge testament to everyone involved, particularly Bryony Short, Shorts Commercial Business Manager and Caroline McFarlane, Shorts Compliance Officer.
For those that don’t know much about ISOs, here’s a brief explanation of each accreditation.
ISO 9001 Quality Management System providing products and services to meet the need of the customer and statutory, look for ways to improve customer satisfaction / demonstrating conformity to the quality management system.   

ISO 14001 Environmental Management   Demonstrate compliance with current and future statutory and regulatory requirements / achieve strategic business aims by incorporating environmental issues into business management
ISO  18001 Occupational Health and Safety   
The standard requires that the organisation implements and maintains procedures for  the ongoing identification of hazards , assessment of risks and control measures for both.